2018 TTIA Election Ballot

Election Ballot 2018 Election of Board of Trustees

  • Nominations have been received for TTIA Membership Trustee, Credentialing Trustee, and two nominations for International Ambassador. These nominations are being put forward for election. All members of TTIA are eligible to vote. The deadline for voting is March 28th, 2018. Even though there may only be one candidate for two of the positions, we urge you to vote to support the candidates and TTIA. We are happy to have two highly qualified and enthusiastic candidates for our International Ambassador. Please vote for only one candidate for International Ambassador. Once the election is closed, the Nominating Committee will tally the ballots and announce the election results to the membership via the next e-newsletter from Cindy Cole, President. Please submit your ballot by clicking on the submit button below, or copy this ballot and send it via USPS mail to TTIA, PO Box 130 Delmar, NY 12054, by email to [email protected] or by fax: (509) 693-3537.
  • Marilyn is the current Credentialing trustee and has done a fantastic job. She is welcoming and encouraging to all members pursuing QTTP and QTTT credentialing, including myself. She represents the organization exceptionally well, especially with her history in higher education as a professor emeritus. She has participated in the TT Dialogues and the TTIA International Conference. She is a QTTT, a past educator, and has already served in the position. She has all the requisite skills, both functional and personal. She functions well in groups and is a team player. I highly recommend Marilyn be considered for the credentialing position on the ballot.
  • Jennifer has been a member of TTIA since 2013, and an active member of our satellite chapter Ohio Hearts of Healing. She became a Qualified Therapeutic Touch Practitioner in 2014, and in 2016 enthusiastically stepped into the role of Membership Trustee when that trustee moved into the Research position. Jennifer has worked diligently to serve the membership of TTIA and to create new ways of recruiting and retaining members. She has the spirit and energy that this position requires. In her two years as Membership Trustee, she has created membership surveys and acted upon them, increased awareness of what our membership goals should be, and served as a team member on the Board, adding her voice and heart to the organization.
  • Annie Hallett is a long-time member from the UK. She has taught Therapeutic Touch classes and promoted TT in the UK health system. In November of 2017 she gave a talk on Therapeutic Touch to a large audience. She is the author of “A Far Reaching Thing” a book about TT and Annie’s work as Counsellor and Complementary Therapies Lead. The book looks at Therapeutic Touch through the lived experience of her patients and identifying some of the meanings attached to TT. It deals with self-awareness, reflection and communication. Annie has also generously represented the International TT community at the TTIA Board meetings once a month because of difficulty in telephone and internet connections with International Ambassador, Serbulent Bicer, in Turkey. Her additions to the Board have been much appreciated.
  • : As the only person that has been to TT Convention, who has been practicing TT since 1976 and has been teaching it at universities since 1988, I would like to ask you, if you think I would be appropriate to be International Ambassador. I believe I have the experience to do so and would absolutely love to be given this task. Practicing since 1976. Teaching it at university since 1988. Has a Therapeutic Touch Center since 1987 in Barcelona, Spain. Has been to four conventions (Vancouver, Philadelphia, Toronto did Advanced level with Dr. D. Krieger; and been to Chicago's one too). Has represented Spain in Toronto and Chicago. Was recognized with the award "Rosa de Jericó" in Barcelona my work done in TT. I have the leadership that requires to do so. My university lessons follow Dr. Krieger and Dr. Kunz guidelines. I have led students to conventions and encouraged them to participate in them and use TT in their day to day live and as nurses. I also worked with doctors promoting TT and other professionals in the Health field.
  • We appreciate your responses. Cordy, Suzi and Maria