Author: Susan

courage to make change

if I may kindly request healing of fear that prevents courage from springing forth. changes are needed and until healing from past karmic fears occurs courage to make changes lies dormant. Thank you.


A few years ago, I was involved in a car accident. My left outer ankle was sprained and my left inner ankle had a hairline fracture. The hairline fracture of my left inner ankle healed with no problem; however, the sprain of the left outer ankle has ached ever since.… Read More»


Hi this is healing request for my mum who lives in England in the UK. She has been diagnosed with MS and as a result it has effected her nervous system and walking. Please send some healing light to help her. Thank you


Hi, appreciate healing from contracted energy where I am afraid to put myself out in the world and be fully seen, heard and respected.  I also find myself being irritable, impatient and critical of myself and others.  I wish to be protected and available for connection.  Thank you.


Robert Nelson, age 32, Salem, OR has had part of his left temporal lobe removed due to infection. Suffers from speech loss and has cognitive impairment. Please add him to your list of healees. Thank you.