Guidelines for Teaching Therapeutic Touch

Dear Therapeutic Touch Teacher,

The attached materials have been developed to assist you as you plan Therapeutic Touch courses.  Keep in mind that these are guidelines, and as such offer a framework as you build your TT course.  Each group you teach will have unique learning needs.

The following Grid of Therapeutic Touch Courses provides a cross-walk of Critical Elements required for each TT course at every level of practice.   The Grid includes content and topics essential to Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced TT courses.  The Grid provides a visual representation of the TT education path and progression from Basic through Advanced levels and offers at a glance the anticipated growth process of the TT Practitioner.

The Guidelines for Teaching Therapeutic Touch (Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced) include the behavioral objectives as well as content information.  We encourage you to individualize the content as you plan your TT class.  Therapeutic Touch courses should be 50% didactic and 50% experiential ensuring learners have theoretical and practical knowledge.  Your classes will include handouts and activities that can be shared with other teachers and colleagues as well as suggested references for each level.  We recognize that there are many excellent resources and anticipate that you will offer your students an expansive reference list.

Initially designed in the 1980’s, the Guidelines for Teaching TT have been reviewed and updated regularly by compassionate and committed TT therapists.  The current guidelines represent a comprehensive evaluation of the individual courses as well as an integrative review of how the courses, Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced TT, build upon and relate with one another.  This review ensures that students have the most current state of the art and science of Therapeutic Touch available to them as they progress in their knowledge of and experience in the practice of Therapeutic Touch.

Additional information and the Therapeutic Touch Bibliography are available at

It is our sincere hope that you will find these updated guidelines useful. Please let us know if we can be of assistance.

In the Spirit of Therapeutic Touch,
TTIA Board of Trustees

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