Healing Requests

submit_healing_reaquestIf you or someone you know would like to receive a distant therapeutic touch treatment, please fill out the healing request form.

At the end of 6 weeks, we will take your name from the list, so if you or the person you have requested healing for still need healing after this time, you will need to resubmit your request.

Also, we would be happy to learn about the results of your healing experience, so please use the contact us form to let us know of any improvements or other experiences you have. Thanks for allowing us to serve you.

  • MS spinal lesions (10/14/2018) - Please send positive energy to work through my 1st chakra fear about security and safety. My body’s energy has been spent being fearful, apprehensive, judgemental and resentful. I look forward to moving from material needs (body, environment, etc.) to tapping the universal energy available. Thank you all, Denise.
  • Back (7/31/2018) - My low back, have buldge disc and arthritis
  • Left upper abdominal discomfort (7/17/2018) - Abdominal pain which I believe to be an ulcer is disconcerting and causes me stress. I
  • MRS (6/24/2018) - Hello l would like healing please for myself l have Multiple sclerosis. Also Gary Duffus, Carol Duffus, and my mum Helen Cowan. with love and gratitude xx
  • courage to make change (5/29/2018) - if I may kindly request healing of fear that prevents courage from springing forth. changes are needed and until healing from past karmic fears occurs courage to make changes lies dormant. Thank you.
  • NP (3/5/2018) - Severe idiopathic neuropathy for many years.   It started to progress several years ago.  Much of my limbs are on fire. Please send Healing Energy
  • Individual (2/19/2018) - A few years ago, I was involved in a car accident. My left outer ankle was sprained and my left inner ankle had a hairline fracture. The hairline fracture of my left inner ankle healed with no problem; however, the sprain of the left outer ankle has ached ever since.… Read More»
  • Chronic Pain (2/18/2018) - Hi, I suffer from Intercostal Neuralgia. We believe it is caused by hemangiomas in my spine. I’ve had it for over 5 years. My pain is on my right side in the rib area. I hurt so much that my lungs don’t expand very far, so I can’t do much… Read More»
  • healing the past to be fully present (2/18/2018) - a new journey has presented itself in my life. please help me heal from the anchors that may prevent the present from revealing itself so that I may partake in life fully.  
  • Looking for therapeutic touch in Lake Mary, FL 32746 (2/5/2018) - Hello my name is Tate, I’m seeking therapeutic touch in Lake Mary , FL. I may be reached at [email protected] Thank you, Tate