Healing Requests

submit_healing_reaquestIf you or someone you know would like to receive a distant therapeutic touch treatment, please fill out the healing request form.

At the end of 6 weeks, we will take your name from the list, so if you or the person you have requested healing for still need healing after this time, you will need to resubmit your request.

Also, we would be happy to learn about the results of your healing experience, so please use the contact us form to let us know of any improvements or other experiences you have. Thanks for allowing us to serve you.

  • Healing Request for Mother (3/2/2017) - My Mother is losing her sight due to macular degeneration.  She is 86 and still very alert mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  She lives alone and can drive only short distances to shop and go to church.  She has been an avid reader and plays piano by reading the notes, and… Read More»
  • QTTT (2/16/2017) - I am requesting healing for my dear friend, Lorraine and her family in Massachusetts Lorraine is currently dying after living well with a very aggressive breast cancer for the past 10 years. She is a very special person who has touched many hearts and souls in her life.  Both she… Read More»
  • Healing request for aging humanitarian (2/9/2017) - I am seeking healing support for my aging humanitarian friend who has lived and worked with Mayan tribes in Guatemala for the past 30 plus years. Her name is Francia Ala’. She resides near Panajachel, Lake Atitlan. She has had many close calls with her health over the years. And her challenging… Read More»
  • Ms (1/16/2017) - Hello. I am requesting a healing session for my father who lives in Chile. He is having a great depression since his children; Nancy and Hernan stole everything from him  which he worked so hard  during his entire life. Now my father has lost even his dignity. He is suffering… Read More»
  • Ms. (1/14/2017) - I am requesting healing for  my father. He suffers from tremendous knee pain, specially his right leg. He is lacking of energy and it can hardly move around due to the extreme pain.
  • QTTP from Istanbul, Turkey (1/9/2017) - My dear friend has a big tumor in her cervical spinal marrow. Tomorrow morning she will be operated at 8 a.m. Turkey time. It will be 4.p.m at New York. Would you please send some healing energy and prayers. It is a very critical operation. Her name is: Saadet .… Read More»
  • Mr (1/6/2017) - I have very bad financial luck and also am addicted to various medications which I can’t get off due to cravings for them and constant thinking and craving for them it is killing me and I have to stop I seem to have some kind of addiction issue I used… Read More»
  • Healing request for my sister Liz (1/6/2017) - Hello I would like to put in a healing request for my sister Elizabeth who lives in Trinidad & tobago, there are currently no TT practioners in Trinidad. Liz was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer 3 years ago, she had treatments then in 2016 she developed a heart condition… Read More»
  • Help for my father (12/20/2016) - Hi, I am writing to request distance healing for my dad, Leon King. He was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s like dementia approx. 3 years ago. In June of this year (2016), he fell in his home and spent a total of two months in two different hospitals and a nursing/rehab facility.… Read More»
  • Healing for Bonnie O’Day (12/16/2016) - I would appreciate some TT.  It’s stage four Metastatic Sqamous Cell cancer with an unknown primary. This is called CUP (cancer if unknown primary).  It spread, but they can’t find the primary site. It’s hard to treat because if this. It’s been 18 months since my diagnosis.  I have tried… Read More»