2019 5th International Congress – Scholarship Application

2019 Congress Scholarship Application Form

  • Please read the Fact Sheet carefully for address and due date. Your application must be postmarked by June 30, 2019. (Cells expand as needed.) Please make sure to attach the following to this application form: 1. One page Cover Letter describing the reasons you are seeking to advance your TT practice and knowledge. 2. Copy of certificate of completion for a Foundations of Therapeutic Touch®(Basic) Program 3. Letter of recommendation from a current TTIA member
  • • I will attend the 5th International Congress on Therapeutic Touch • As a current Full Member of TTIA, I agree to maintain my membership for at least two years following receipt of the Scholarship. • I understand that the funds are to be used ONLY for the purpose for which I am applying. • I attest that my application reflects an honest appraisal of my ability to complete the program described. I certify the statements and information in this application are true and correct.