2011 Conference

Reflection from the Conference

The T.T. Conference in Cambridge was alive with ideas, laughter, thoughtful nods, raised eyebrows, and much delight in seeing our colleagues from the rest of the world-with whom we usually talk by email or conference call. Two of our keynote speakers were also from west of the Mississippi, and contributed enormously to the sparking of neurons over the weekend. Beverly Rubik gave two talks- one on water, and the other on bio-fields. She led us into all kinds of conversations about fields and ecology and our responsibilities to the world.

Encouraging – that was one word that was heard around the room as each participant called out his or her word of the day describing the Teachers’ Day Preconference Workshop at the Second International Congress on Therapeutic Touch, “The Conscious Healer”. We also were an: international, understanding, real collaboration of connecting, collegial, cooperative, engaging, networking, interesting, inspiring, informative, moving, sharing, fun teachers and mentors, grounding in a lovely flow of dance, re-energizing our coordination and creativity, for experiential reconnecting and illumination. While those twenty-seven qualities were meant to convey thoughts of the Teachers’ workshop, it seemed that they also described TT’rs – a group of conscious healers and teachers.

The common thread that emerged and was woven through the conference was the importance for the participants/students to safely and freely express themselves, to be able to share their experiences in meaningful ways, and thereby growth, confidence, transformation and transcendence could occur.

In Richard Cowling’s presentation in Boston he talked about how what we do as Therapeutic Touch therapists is so much more than just a technique – because we do so much reflection. So take a moment, center yourself, and reflect on how you can make the dreams and hopes for Therapeutic Touch become a reality.