Yearly Archives: 2015

Help for friend

Asking for help for my dear friend of many decades…she is helping elderly parents with declining health and faculties, spouse with cardiac disease, son with PTSD, and auto-immune illness in herself.  Please send healing for her mental, spiritual health.


My healing request is for Jenta Lynn H, struggling with undiagnosed problems with her throat and mouth as a result of several TIA strokes due to poor head and neck circulation. She’s had to have part of her tongue removed and is now losing her hair from the medications she’s… Read More»


Please I’m asking kindly for healing for Janice in my womb. I have been trying for years without success to concieve. I am now in my 40’s and still trying. I can see no successful results. Please help me. Thank you in advance.

healing for Julie

Please send healing to Julie, who is receiving a total knee replacement on October 27, 2015, to speed her healing and let her have a good appetite and good sleep throughout the process. Thank you.