Cancer healing

I am asking for healing for a dear friend Kim in Florida who is battling cancer yet again and having a terrible reaction to chemo. Praying her body and health will be cleansed of illness and for strengthened mind and body.  

Postop brain damage

I am seeking healing for many health issues since brain surgery including double vision, oscillopsia, fatigue, compromised immunity, cognetIive issues, confusion, and memory loss. Praying and believing in natural healing and energy restoration.


I had surgery for detached retina a year ago, which left me with double vision and impaired vision. I need healing for both eyes. Thank you.


Request healing for Joyce LaFluer, suffering from TTP.

Please send love and compassion to my dearest of friends, Gail

My friend, G, is suffering from the darkness of mental illness.  She is under the care of professionals.  She has watched out for and cared for many vulnerable people.  She is now the vulnerable and at risk person.  She is carrying the burden of care of her parents...