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To anyone who responded to my request for healing of my left foot, Thank you so much! I woke up this morning after 2 years of pain in this foot, (and not being able to exercise, resulting in unwanted weight gain), and my foot did not hurt! I went for… Read More»


Please send healing for my left foot. The 5th metatarsal is constantly rubbing on my shoe which makes it hard to walk because of pain. With my deepest gratitude, Shannon Bloomfield in Florence Oregon


Has TT been able to mitigate Tinittus? I have been trying transcendental meditation and it may be helping to start limiting how much I have to deal with it. But I saw a program about TT on TV and am very interested, as it seems to corrolate to TM and… Read More»

Healing Morgellons

Please send healing to me and all those that suffer from Morgellons, a mysterious skin disorder first described more than 300 years ago. Morgellons disease (MD) is a dermopathy associated with tick-borne illness, characterized by spontaneously developing skin lesions. In gratitude