I am concerned about my husband who keeps having cramps in thighs, groin, and various parts of his legs. At times, his feet cramp with his toes going under. He yells in agony. He just called to tell me he is doing well that he now knows a pain he is having in his chest (right now) is not an embolus.  I had not been told he had been having chest pains for a few days. In an unconvincing voice, he told me he has decided it is due to sculpting he has been doing. In the past, he had DVT. He is overwhelmed from taking care of me. His cramping is not as bad when I keep nagging him to take magnesium. I’ve begun to nag him about dehydration. Right now, I am fearful. He is thirty miles from here. When he starts insisting nothing is wrong with him, there usually is. Your help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. (He won’t go to the ER or doctor right now.)