Healing request for my dad


I’d like to request a healing for my dad. He has tested positive for COV-ID and is in hospital. He’s on a ventilator and just had a tracheotomy operation to ease him off the ventilator but also to help him breathe better. It’s been an up and down rollercoaster as he’s been in a coma, sedated along with various infections that COV-ID patients are prone to. He’s a fighter, the doc and nurses are impressed with how well he’s progressed, albeit slowly. He is having a scan as the doctor suspects lung fibrosis due to COV-ID. At this stage, if he could be breathing on his own, this would be half the battle won. I thank you very much if you feel moved to intend my dad positively healed and healthy. You have no idea how much our family would appreciate this. Bless you 🙂

PS. I will most definitely report back on his progress after a few days to 2 weeks.