Author: Christine

For my daughter

Please send distant TT to my daughter Chelsea. She has had a challenging year with health concerns. She will be having her gallbladder removed on 7/17/19. Thank you


Please send healing energy to my dad Bruce, who suffers with Neaurosarcoidosis.  He also recently underwent quadruple bypass surgery.

My Dad

Please help my dad. He had quadruple bypass surgery in November, was recovering well, but has now fallen very sick with what the doctors think is Lyme disease. I am very scared. My dad is everything to me. Please pray that he gets better. I would be so grateful. Please.… Read More»

Shoulder injury from injection

Shoulder injury due to misdirected injection. Either the bursa sac was punctured or more likely a nerve was hit. Very painful. I am trying to avoid further injury and complications and of course receive healing. Thank you so much. Any modality is welcomed. Phil


This is for my granddaughter who has autism. her name is Olivia and she is 10 years old. Please heal her or make her be able to handle her autism, Thanks, her grandmother, Pat