Indralaya Mentorship

June 6, 2020 @ 6:00 pm – June 12, 2020 @ 9:00 am
Camp Indralya
360 Indralaya Rd.
Orcas Island
WA 98245
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Barbara Luna

Mentorship: There will be one group for those who wish to be mentored from where you are in TT practice and go deeper. We are calling it “Exploring New Horizons”. This mentorship group will begin where you are in your Therapeutic Touch practice and will support you in finding your growing edges, your ‘new horizons’.

The Transpersonal Nature of Therapeutic Touch” will again be integrated into this year’s Mentorship program. This meets the curriculum requirements as part of the application process towards becoming a Qualified Therapeutic Touch Practitioner (QTTP). For those of you on your journey to becoming a Qualified Practitioner, with at least six to twelve months of regular practice of TT after Foundations, this group is for you.

NEW THIS YEAR, we are offering “BEYOND TRANSPERSONAL.” During this year’s mentorship program, “Beyond Transpersonal” invites experienced TT practitioners to engage in a deep dive into an inner journey of Self transformation.  Throughout the week, participants will take part in guided and independent experiential activities, reflective dialogues, and TT sessions.  The experiential activities will focus on going deeper “inth” and facilitating a sense of inner knowing through self-inquiry. Reflective Dialogue will explore deeper understanding of the inner processes of TT.

The intent of this week’s program is to provide a rich opportunity to deepen each phase of TT as well as to explore new means of applying TT to practice in a supportive environment. All who participate will become more effective Therapeutic Touch Practitioners.

Clinical sessions, individual and group presentations will be offered. The groups, led by experienced and TTIA credentialed Therapeutic Touch teachers, allow for meeting individual needs and questions and at the same time lend themselves to synergistic learning by all who are present. No matter what your TT experience, this week will expand and enliven you, inside and out.

Chery Ann Hoffmeyer Ph.D., QTTT, RT

Mary Anne Hanley PhD, RN, QTTT:

Sue Conlin BS, BA, QTTT

Lin Bauer MS, CCMHP, QTTT: