Greetings, Im Mika in Michigan USA.

After a pelvic surgery in 1997 initially in hopes to remedy infertility but only ended up causing more harm to my physical body, I was diagnosed later with uterine fibroids cysts on my ovaries & the most painful of all, stage 4 endometriosis 6 yrs ago and had 1 tube removed as a result. I care for a special needs (ei/etc) teen son I adopted as a child and sometimes the stress is insurmountable but I’ve done all I can to bear up as best as I can so I can be around hep him through life.  Recently after severe stress and restricting circumstances at home, the endometriosis that had been in a nice long remission, flared up with a fiery vengeance sending me into the hospital twice from the severest of pains. Please send me out complete healing energy for myself and healing for my son? Thank You very much! In Love, In Light, In Lak’ech <3