Board of Trustees

Beth Hagedorn


Beth Hagedorn
Location:  New York
Email: [email protected]
First Term 4/2020 -3/2023
President-Elect 10/2019 – 3/2020

President Office Roles

(a) Serves as executive officer
(b) Coordinates all Board activities
(c) Oversees management of the administrative office in support of the Association
(d) Oversees public relations
(e) Chairs all Board and membership meetings
(f) Represents The Association in serving as a liaison to like-minded organizations, and may designate Association representatives to serve as liaisons to like-minded organizations
(g) Develops Board and membership meeting agendas
(h) Assumes responsibility for communication regarding legal matters
(i) Submits reports to the membership in The Association’s newsletter
(j) Orients President-Elect
(k) Oversees the care of The Association artifacts and archives


(a) Holds office for six (6) months prior to taking office as President
(b) Works closely with the President
(c) Oversees Bylaws revisions and interpretation if in office during period of revision
(d) Oversees updates and revisions of Association Policy & Procedures if in office during period of revision

Leonie Van Gelder

Leonie Van Gelder


Leonie Van Gelder
Location: Washington
Email: [email protected]

First Term as Communications 4/2020-3/2023
Communications Office Roles

(a) Has editorial responsibility for most of The Association communications
(b) Oversees The Association newsletter and acts as Editor as needed
(c) Oversees The Association’s website


Marilyn Johnston-Svoboda
Location: Illinois
Email: [email protected]
Second Term: April, 2018- March 2021
Interim 6/2014 – 4/2015
First full term: 4/2015-3/2018

Education  Credentialing Office Roles
(a) Oversees the credentialing process for the recognition of TT practitioners, teachers and others, and reviews the process periodically for currency
(b) Reviews applications and oversees reviewers
(c) Coordinates the development and implementation of The Association’s peer reviewed credentialing processes


Jennifer Browning
Email:[email protected]
Second Term: April, 2018 – March, 2021
First Term: October, 2016 – April, 2018

Membership Office Roles
(a) Oversees membership recruitment, marketing, and retention
(b) Oversees the membership database and directory in conjunction with the Operations Manager and Treasurer/Development Trustee
(c) Collaborates with the appropriate Trustees in the development of Regional representatives and Practice Groups to develop resources


Peggy Frank
Location: British Columbia, Canada
Email: [email protected]
1st Term 5/2016-4/2019
2nd Term 5/2019-4/2022

Programs Office Roles

(a) Collaborates with Membership and Education Trustee to develop resources for regional representatives and practice groups
(b) Facilitates the development of sponsored and co-sponsored conferences of The Association, including international and regional conferences and International Congresses
(c) Acts as liaison with organizations that are providing Therapeutic Touch programs
(d) Oversees and coordinates TTIA programs
(e) In collaboration with Education Trustee conducts a periodic learning needs assessment for TT programming


Mary Anne Hanley
Location: Florida
Email: [email protected]
1st Term: 9/2016 – 4/2019
2nd Term: 5/2019-5/2022
Research Trustee 9/2014 – 8/2016

Curriculum Office Roles
(a) Coordinates development and review of Therapeutic Touch curriculum and teaching guidelines
(b) Develops the components of education for the process of practice and teaching
(c) Oversees The Association’s Continuing Education process
(d) Collaborates with the Programs Trustee to ensure synchrony between Therapeutic Touch education standards and practice

Denise Coppa

Denise Coppa


Denise Coppa
Rhode Island
Email: r[email protected]
Interim: 9/2016 – 3/2017
First Full Term: 4/2017 – 3/2020
Second Term: 4/2020 – 3/2023
Term as Membership: 4/2015 – 9/2016

Research Office Roles
(a) Serves as a research consultant to the Board, the membership and other interested parties regarding Therapeutic Touch research and publications
(b) Oversees the review of research grant applications for quality, compliance, and adherence to ethics standards, and makes recommendations to the Board of Trustees Therapeutic Touch bibliography and Code of Ethics for currency.

Madonna Pence

Madonna Pence


Madonna Pence
Location: Illinois

Interim: 4/2020-3/2021  Appointed

Treasurer/Development Office Roles
(a) Oversees the fiduciary responsibilities of The Association
(b) Responds to requests for financial information
(c) Consults with trustees and committees regarding financial needs and responsibilities
(d) Provides regular reports to the Board and an annual report to the general membership
(e) Seeks sources of external grant funding, oversees The Association’s grant proposals to external sponsors
(f) Develops, solicits, and secures The Association’s merchandise and inventory
(g) Oversees marketing of TTIA merchandise


Rosa Ferrer de Dios Larroya
Location: Spain

Email: [email protected]

First Term April, 2018 – March 2021

International Trustee Office Roles
(a) Promotes the practice, knowledge, and research of Krieger-Kunz Therapeutic Touch to the Therapeutic Touch international community
(b) Collaborates and promotes international participation in TTIA
(c) Serves as a link between TTIA and international communities that practice Therapeutic Touch
(d) Diplomatically coordinates consistency of international programs with TTIA standards
(e) Communicates concerns of the international community to TTIA Board of Trustees