2020 Call For Nominations – TTIA Board of Trustees

Call for Board of Trustee Nominations
The Board of Trustees of Therapeutic Touch International Association constitutes the Officers of the Association
Criteria for Board of Trustees:

  • A current member of the Association.
  • Terms of Office – Elected members of the Board of Trustees will serve a three year term to begin on the first day of the month following notification of his/her election.  A trustee shall serve for no more than two (2) consecutive terms in any one position and no more than twelve (12) consecutive years on the Board of Trustees.

Instructions for submitting Officer and Board of Trustee Nominations:

Nominations should be based on valuable service to TTIA or contributions to the practice of the Kunz/Krieger Model of Therapeutic Touch®.  Nominations must be submitted by members of TTIA and a person may nominate themselves. The positions that are up for Nomination in February, 2020 for election in March of 2020 are:


(a) Has editorial responsibility for most of The Association communications
(b) Oversees The Association newsletter and acts as Editor as needed
(c) Oversees The Association’s website


(a) Oversees the fiduciary responsibilities of The Association
(b) Responds to requests for financial information
(c) Consults with trustees and committees regarding financial needs and responsibilities
(d) Provides regular reports to the Board and an annual report to the general membership
(e) Seeks sources of external grant funding, oversees The Association’s grant proposals to external sponsors
(f) Develops, solicits, and secures The Association’s merchandise and inventory
(g) Oversees marketing of TTIA merchandise


(a) Serves as a research consultant to the Board, the membership and other interested parties regarding Therapeutic Touch research and publications
(b) Oversees the review of research grant applications for quality, compliance, and adherence to ethics standards, and makes recommendations to the Board of Trustees
(c) Annually oversees review of the Therapeutic Touch bibliography and Code of Ethics for currency

A list of current Board members and descriptions for each office can be found at:  https://therapeutictouch.org/board-of-trustees/

TTIA 2020 Nominating Form - Board of Trustees

  • NOMINATING DEADLINE February 29th, 2020
  • We appreciate your responses. Cordy, Maria and Suzi



After February 29th, when nominations are due, the Nominating Committee will review the nominations and compile a full list to be presented to the Board of Trustees and the membership for election.