Qualified Therapeutic Touch Practitioner (QTTP) Application

Application Process

  • Credentialing Process
    for becoming a
    Qualified Therapeutic Touch Practitioner (QTTP)
    (Four Year Renewal Period)

    • Complete a Foundations of Therapeutic Touch Program
      • Minimum of 12 Hours
      • Taught by a NH-PAI Qualified Therapeutic Touch Teacher (QTTT)
    • Complete an Transpersonal Nature of Therapeutic Touch Program
      • Minimum of 14 Hours
      • Taught by a NH-PAI Qualified Therapeutic Touch Teacher
      • May be taken approximately 6 months after completing the Basic TT Program
    • Work under the guidance of a mentor for at least 36 hours over 1 yr. period
      • Mentor is a QTTT or QTTP with 5 yrs. experience
      • This 1 year period can begin after completing the Foundations of TT program
      • The 36 hours may be a combination of in person, via phone and or/e-mail, or long distance mentoring practices
      • Practice Therapeutic Touch at least twice weekly, a minimum of 104 sessions with documentation of 75 TT sessions
      • Documentation of 6 Single Session Case Studies
      • Documentation of 1 Longitudinal Case Study
        • The longitudinal case study takes place over at least one month
        • Eight (8) TT sessions with the same person
      • Application fee to NH-PAI, Inc.
      • Current TTIA membership number with expiration date
    • Copy of Mentorship Agreement signed by both mentor and mentoree.
      • Completion of all Application Forms provided by NH-PAI, Inc.

      If you have been practicing Therapeutic Touch prior to the year 2000 and have questions/concerns regarding the requirements, please contact NH-PAI for assistance in your process of becoming a QTTP.


Application Information

  • Included in this Packet:

    1. Application for Recognition for Qualified Therapeutic Touch Practitioner
    2. Biographical Data Form
    3. Single Treatment Case Study Form
    4. Longitudinal Case Study Form
    5. Policy and Procedure for Qualified Therapeutic Touch Mentorship.

    The following Resources are available this website.

    1. Guidelines of Recommended Standard Scope of Practice for Therapeutic Touch.
    2. Therapeutic Touch P&P for Health Professionals.
    3. Code of Ethics for the Practice of Therapeutic Touch.

    One complete copy needed if sent via e-mail or fax.
    Two complete copies (one with your name redacted) needed if sent via post.

    Dear TTIA Member,

    As members of the Education Committee of Nurse Healers-Professional Associates International (NH-PAI) – the credentialing body of Therapeutic Touch International Association (TTIA) we welcome your interest in becoming recognized as a Qualified Therapeutic Touch Practitioner (QTTP). Credentialing provides mutual benefit for you as a practitioner and for NH-PAI and TTIA. Through its recognition processes, the members of NH-PAI and the public can be confident that qualified practitioners are being referred.

    This QTTP application process is used for practitioners who have completed a one year mentoring program with a Qualified Teacher or a Qualified Practitioner with 5 years experience. A processing fee of $25.00 is required at the time of application. The annual renewal fee for recognition as a QTTP is $25.00. The period for which your credentialing is valid is (4) four years.

    As a QTTP, you will be required to maintain records of all TT programs you participate in. Please be prepared to list all updating when requested to do so.

    We look forward to receiving your application. Please allow 4-8 weeks for the peer review process. When we have determined you have met the criteria to be accepted as a QTTP, you will receive an acceptance letter, membership card, and information regarding renewal.

    If you have any questions, please contact us through the TTIA office. We will walk you through the process as needed.

    In the Spirit of TT,
    Education Committee

    Application for Recognition as a Qualified Therapeutic Touch Practitioner (QTTP)

    Provide following information and required documents. Arrange documents as indicated. Submit $25.00 application fee (check, money order, VISA or Mastercard accepted); the Application Form; and provide copies for each section as indicated below.

  • This form does not have a SAVE button, so please download the pdf file click here for the form and fill it out manually first. When you are sure you have everything ready, fill it out on-line and hit SUBMIT. We hope this issue will be resolved in the near future.

    Click Here to download a paper copy to complete by mail.


Section A

    Biographical Data

  • Primary Education

  • Include basic preparation through highest degree held.
  • Secondary Education

  • Additional Education

  • I have completed the application as requested, have provided accurate information for this application, and I agree to practice and teach Therapeutic Touch in accordance with NH-PAI Standards and Scope of Practice, Policy and Procedure for Health Professionals and the Code of Ethics of the NH-PAI.
  • Biographica Data Form (cont.)


Section B

  • List location, instructor, name, and total hours for:
    - (1) Basic (formally called Beginners) Therapeutic Touch (TT) twelve (12) hours
    - (1) Intermediate TT program of fourteen (14) hours
    - (1) Advanced TT programs
  • Foundations of TT

  • The Transpersonal Nature of TT

  • Mentors Information

  • Please provide a copy of the Mentorship agreement signed by both you and your mentor. Note: Your mentor may also be a Qualified TT Practitioner with 5 years experience instead of a QTTT.

Section C


Section D

  • - Six (6) completed NH-PAI TT C.A.R.E.R. Notes. Click here to download form.
    - One(1) completed longitudinal case studies using the NH-PAI Longitudinal Case Study Form (one longitudinal case study relates to TT treatments to the same person over at least a one month period, and includes at least 8 sessions. Please include 3 TT C.A.R.E.R notes from the beginning, the middle, and the end of your study. Click here to download form.