Healing Requests

submit_healing_reaquestIf you or someone you know would like to receive a distant therapeutic touch treatment, please fill out the healing request form.

At the end of 6 weeks, we will take your name from the list, so if you or the person you have requested healing for still need healing after this time, you will need to resubmit your request.

Also, we would be happy to learn about the results of your healing experience, so please use the contact us form to let us know of any improvements or other experiences you have. Thanks for allowing us to serve you.

  • Healing (11/6/2019) - I request healing for my whole body. I suffer from diabetes, kidney failure, heart and brain problems. Thanks so much
  • Comfort and Longer Life for my Mother (10/30/2019) - Please send TT to my mother, Joan Webster, in Worcester, MA.  She has slow moving metastasized lung cancer at 87 years old and would like to live longer, and live comfortably. As of 10/30 she has few symptoms. Many Thanks
  • Clearing Chakras (10/27/2019) - Please send healing. It’s been an emotional past 5 years and I’m feeling unhealthy. I have been through divorce, moving, employment, death, car accidents…life in general.
  • TTIA Member (10/15/2019) - Please send TT to Peter Bojtos in Lakewood, Colorado. Peter is diagnosed with Lung Cancer, and needs help from us. Thank you
  • Mr (10/15/2019) - Has TT been able to mitigate Tinittus? I have been trying transcendental meditation and it may be helping to start limiting how much I have to deal with it. But I saw a program about TT on TV and am very interested, as it seems to corrolate to TM and… Read More»
  • Healing Morgellons (10/15/2019) - Please send healing to me and all those that suffer from Morgellons, a mysterious skin disorder first described more than 300 years ago. Morgellons disease (MD) is a dermopathy associated with tick-borne illness, characterized by spontaneously developing skin lesions. https://www.morgellonsmovie.org/ In gratitude
  • Healing (10/8/2019) - Please send healing for my heavy head, chronic memory issues, low immunity, chronic sleeping problems, heavy chest, pain in my back.  Thank you
  • Addiction (9/11/2019) - Please send distant healing to help overcome addiction to prescription drugs as well as illegal drugs.  I have much embarrassment and shame from this situation.
  • healing request for my sister (9/9/2019) - Please send distance healing to my sister for clear lungs and the cysts to shrink and disappear and her breathing to become full and easy. Thank you. Tricia
  • healing journey (8/29/2019) - Recently noted a lump in left breast, which threw me off a bit initially. Then,  for somehow, I find myself drawn into hand healing. Thank you for offering help with my healing journey. Love