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International Ambassador: Rosa Ferrer de Dios Larroya [email protected]

In March of 2016, NHPAI-TTIA Adopted a Policy for Reciprocity for Credentialing of Therapeutic Touch Practitioners and Teachers who are practicing under the guidelines of another TT organization in the world. Please refer to this policy when applying for reciprocal recognition with Therapeutic Touch International Association.


An individual who has completed Canadian TT practice and/or teaching requirements, which TTIA has determined are equivalent to TTIA’s QTTP/T requirements, and who requests reciprocity as a QTTP or QTTT will be considered eligible to receive reciprocity upon submission of the following to TTIA:

  • Canadian certificates of completion of requirements for Recognized Practitioner or Teacher
  • Letter of reference from a Qualified Therapeutic Touch Teacher IQTTT) directly credentialed through NHPAI
  • Letter of reference from a student if applying for Qualified Therapeutic Touch Teacher status

TTIA reserves the right to verify the individual’s credentials to practice and/or teach Therapeutic Touch® by the original granting authority or organization

Grandparenting Clause:

Individuals, who hold Canadian credentials as teachers of Therapeutic Touch and have been teaching in United States consistently prior to 2000, may apply for reciprocity as a QTTT upon submission of the following to TTIA:

  • letter of recommendation from a QTTT directly credentialed through NHPAI

The Reciprocity Process:

  • Applicants for reciprocity shall submit required materials to TTIA.
  • The Education Trustee and designated QTTP or QTTT will review materials, verify qualifications, and confirm eligibility for reciprocal recognition, seeking clarification if needed.

The Education Trustee, through the TTIA office, will notify applicant when reciprocal recognition as a QTTP or QTTT is granted, and the individual may then use the appropriate title and initials.

An individual from a country other than the United States who is not credentialed to practice or teach Therapeutic Touch in his/her own country but seeks a credential of QTTP and/or QTTT must complete the TTIA requirements for recognition as noted on the TTIA website.  Upon completion of the requirements, submission of evidence, and review of application, the individual may be granted recognition(s) in order to practice Therapeutic Touch and/or teach as a QTTT or QTTP, respectively, according to all Therapeutic Touch guidelines.

It is the responsibility of the individual to seek understanding of Therapeutic Touch practice or teaching guidelines and any further requirements for practice within her/his particular country.

NOTE: The Education Trustee in consultation with the TTIA President and/or credentialing committee will consider and decide on cases of “exceptional circumstances” of international applicants.

International News:

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Australia [email protected] President: Jane Hall  [email protected]


Österreich: Monika Holzer, Tel. +43 (0) 650 –510 43 19,
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Therapeutic Touch Networks of Canada / Les Réseaux Toucher Thérapeutique du Canada
Contact:President: Marion Cameron
Email: [email protected]

This is the federation for all regional and provincial Therapeutic Touch Networks in Canada- See TT- Canada page for other Canadian organizations.

France & Switzerland

Contact : Hélène Chevalier <[email protected]>


Great Britain

Karen Eastham [email protected]

The British Association of Therapeutic Touch


Contact: Vera Bartholomay    [email protected]



Contact Rosa Ferrer de Dios Laroya at [email protected]


Contact : Hélène Chevalier <[email protected]>


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