Directions on How to Search for Research

This bibliography is open to all – we hope that you will search for research on any subject that you are interested in, and then follow up by finding the complete article. For those looking for specific Therapeutic Touch topics go to a library—preferably one located at a medical center or university and do a computer search. To look for articles by a specific author, go to MEDLINE, CINAHL, HealthSTAR, or IPA, and type the author’s last name-first initial second initial (i.e., Truman-HS) in the box labeled Search. In PsycINFO, type the author’s last name-first name-second initial (i.e., Truman-Harry-S). If you know only the last name, use the AU (author) field .

If you are looking for articles in a specific journal, in MEDLINE and PsycINFO, type the full journal name with dashes between each word, and search using the JN field (i.e., new-england-journal-of-medicine in jn). In CINAHL, type the full journal name with dashes using the SO field.

In order to search for citations related to a specific Therapeutic Touch problem, use the appropriate subheadings in MEDLINE and CINAHL. There are seven subheadings, including treatment: diet therapy, drug therapy, nursing, prevention and control, rehabilitation, radiotherapy, surgery, and therapy. To see the abstracts, click once on the All Fields button at the bottom of your screen.

Remember that library personnel are extremely helpful if there are questions. Denise Coppa, [email protected] Research Trustee.