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Therapeutic Touch International Association (TTIA) was established as Nurse Healers-Professionals Associates in 1979 under the leadership of Dolores Krieger, PhD, RN and Dora Kunz, co-creators of this modality. Nurse Healers Professional Associates International, Inc. remains the body that sets the standards and offers credentials to practitioners and teachers of Therapeutic Touch®, while TTIA is the membership arm of the organization. It is a voluntary, not-for-profit, 501 (c) (3) organization. Therapeutic Touch International Association serves as the central resource for information on Therapeutic Touch®. TTIA is an international network of members interested in Therapeutic Touch®. It facilitates the exchange of research findings, teaching strategies, standards for practice and teaching, and new developments in Therapeutic Touch. The human being is viewed as a complex, dynamic whole, and healing is seen as the means of restoring the integrity of the body, mind and spirit.

This international cooperative network of health care professionals is committed to excellence in healing through Therapeutic Touch. Its organization is a world-recognized resource for persons in the field of health care, laypersons and other organizations interested in information on Therapeutic Touch, and for therapists and teachers searching for teaching and learning materials related to Therapeutic Touch. TTIA also serves as a center for persons who are in need of healing and are seeking Therapeutic Touch therapists in their locality.

To fulfill these purposes, TTIA facilitates the exchange of research findings, teaching strategies, and innovative teaching-learning tools concerned with Therapeutic Touch practice, teaching, research, and the development of theoretical models on healing.

Mentoring the Mentor™

Mentoring the Mentor™ is a service of Nurse Healers Professional Associates, Inc. and its membership arm Therapeutic Touch® International Association that promotes the mentoring skills of nurses and other health care providers who mentor individuals in the development of knowledge, skills, and awareness of practice standards and credentials that support Therapeutic Touch® as a holistic health care practice. A mentor acts as a model, teacher, promoter of professional reputation, and as an advocate. A mentor facilitates an ongoing conversation with an experienced teacher. This program is tailored to the needs and learning style of each student. The outcome of this process prepares Qualified Therapeutic Touch Teachers and Qualified Therapeutic Touch Practitioners to become mentors.

Intensive for Teachers of Therapeutic Touch™

The Intensive for Teachers of Therapeutic Touch™ is a service of Nurse Healers Professional Associates, Inc. and its membership arm Therapeutic Touch® International Association, that promotes the development of nurses and other health care providers knowledge, skills and abilities regarding teaching of Therapeutic Touch® and supports public awareness regarding the standards and credentials that support the practice of holistic health care using Therapeutic Touch®. A teacher assesses the learning needs of students and sets priorities based on learner goals. A teacher also gives appropriate feedback to the learner’s progress. Lesson planning, learning activities, theories and principles of adult learning and evaluation of the learner are skills that assist in the development of standards and credentials for practice and teaching. The outcome of this process assists Qualified Therapeutic Touch Teachers to expand their teaching skills, and to train Qualified Therapeutic Touch Practitioners to become Qualified Therapeutic Touch Teachers .


The Official Organization of Therapeutic Touch®
Collective Voice of TT
Provide for Quality and Integrity of TT Practice and Teaching
Available on TTIA Website to the Public:

  • Mission Vision Ethics
  • QTTP and QTTT lists – sort by state, city, or name – access to email addresses
  • Historical and Current Information on TT and TTIA
  • TT Bibliography
  • Information and Registration for International, National, and Regional Programs
  • Interactive Blog for sharing ideas/experiences re: TT and healing
  • Healing Requests
  • Calendar of Events
  • Questions answered via email

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Future Benefits – Currently being Developed

Fellowship with TT Practitioners and Teachers to Advance TT and Healing
Participation in TTIA committees (Ethics, Nominating, Education, Marketing etc.) and Governance Board
Voice and Vote at Membership meetings
Collaboration in Inter-professional Teams
Promote Self-Development through:

  • Practice Groups in Community and Public
  • Practice (Skills) Days
  • Retreats for Practitioners
  • Retreats for Teachers
  • Retreats for Mentors

Resources Available to Members on web site or electronically:

  • Standards for Ethical Practice (Laminated copy and on web site)
  • 10% Discount on all items in the Web Store
  • Directory of Members – members listed with permission
  • Cooperative Connection – Newsletter published 3 times a year
  • E-news for Members
  • E-news for QTTTs
  • E-news for QTTPs
  • Updated Policy and Procedure Template for Health Care organizations

Available to Purchase:

  • Business Cards for QTTPs and QTTTs
  • Books and DVD’s for Teaching and learning
  • TT Teddies or Turtles
  • TTIA Logo Flash drives

Education and Credentialing:

  • QTTP and QTTT process
  • Simplified Process for those practicing/teaching before 2000
  • Connecting Students and Mentors
  • TTIA Teachers’ Intensives™
  • TTIA Mentoring the Mentor™ course
  • Scholarships
  • Research Grants
  • On-line Education Modules

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