TT Community Care Courses


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1. Purpose

The purpose of Therapeutic Touch Community Care (TTCC) courses is to expand opportunities to introduce TT to individuals and/or groups. The facilitators/teachers will focus on aspects of TT that are easily learnable and of service to each community. We, the TTCC committee, acknowledge that our world needs the healing benefits TT has to offer more than ever. The TTCC courses would be targeted to specific needs and shorter than credentialing courses. They would provide another pathway for those who are curious to learn about Therapeutic Touch, but who may not, or may not yet, want to pursue credentialing as a Qualified Therapeutic Touch Practitioner (QTTP). Further, the purpose of some TTCC courses is to spread the practice of TT to those who may want to use it for self-care, or with family members, co-workers, others as part of community groups, etc. The nature of possible courses will be covered later in this overview. TTCC courses are NOT intended to prepare one to establish an independent healing practice. Such an endeavor would require further coursework and credentialing as a QTTP.

2. Participants or Target Audiences

Participants would be family members, community groups, and individuals who could benefit from learning TT in a simple way to immediately address acute and traumatic needs, or for daily self-care, or family/community care purposes. Recently, the increase in disasters, such as fires and floods, has led to a growing need for ways to address acute and traumatic needs of those affected – survivors. Short courses might also address everyday needs of caregivers for family/community members with chronic health challenges or those caring for the dying. Their needs are immediate and not necessarily aligned with the current credentialling pathway. It is also important to reflect on the areas of our global community where health care is not universally available. This has become apparent to our team during COVID, in communities of women infected with HIV in Rwanda and other areas of health challenges. Many people desire ways to support their personal wellness, in addition to their family’s or community’s well-being.

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TTCC Overview & Examples (Word)
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