Mentorship Process

Mentorship Process

Nurse Healers-Professional Associates International, Inc. The credentialing body for Therapeutic Touch International Association

One-Year Therapeutic Touch Mentorship Process

This program is designed to prepare Therapeutic Touch (TT) students to meet the requirements and apply to be recognized as a Qualified Therapeutic Touch Practitioner (QTTP).  Those who wish to deepen their Therapeutic Touch skills, but not applying for QTTP may also participate.

The student will work under the guidance of a qualified mentor for a minimum of 36 hours over at least a one year period of time:
1. The mentor is a QTTT or QTTP with five years experience.
2. The student must have completed a 12 hour Basic TT Program taught by a QTTT in accordance with TTIA guidelines.
3. The 36 hours may be a combination of in person, via phone, Skype and/or e-mail, or other long distance mentoring practices.  A minimum of once monthly communication between the mentor and student is recommended.
4. The student will practice Therapeutic Touch at least twice weekly, a minimum of 104 sessions with documentation of 75 TT sessions.
5. If applying for QTTP, the student will meet all the TTIA requirements and follow guidelines to prepare for QTTP recognition.
6. The student must be an active member of TTIA.

The mentor and student will enter into an agreed upon contract for the mentorship process:
1. The contract should be written and signed by both parties.
2. Accurate records and documentation will be kept by mentor and student.
3. Any and all fees should be discussed and agreed upon at the beginning of the mentorship process.
4. If the student is applying for QTTP, the mentor will assist the student with the QTTP Application
5. The mentor will provide the student with a certificate for the successful completion of the mentorship process.
6. A letter of recommendation will be provided for the student making application for the QTTP.

TTIA Board Revised & Approved 07/22/2012