Position on Credentialing

Position on Credentialing

The TTIA Board of Trustees recognizes that Credentialing is a process used to verify an individual’s qualifications and to perform specific activities or functions. Credentialing is an essential mechanism through which Therapeutic Touch Practitioners and Teachers are accepted to participate in institutional programs of practice, education, and research.

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Recognition is one method used to credential individuals who demonstrate expertise and competency in a specific area of practice or education. Expertise and competency may be achieved through a variety of means, including mentoring, experience practicing or teaching, or through scholarship and research. The effective teacher is expert in practice as well as educational processes of curriculum development, presentation, and evaluation. Individuals recognized by NH-PAI are accountable to practice and teach in accordance with Standards and Scope of Practice and the Ethics of NH-PAI and State/Province or national licensure or regulatory requirements. Further, the Board of TTIA affirms that: The use of recognition to credential Qualified Therapeutic Touch Teachers, Mentors, and Practitioners creates avenues for enhancing the quality and development of Therapeutic Touch as a healing modality. Such individuals are recognized by peers as competent to practice, teach, or mentor others in the practice and teaching of TT. Qualified Therapeutic Touch Teachers are concomitantly recognized as Qualified Therapeutic Touch Practitioners and Mentors. Qualified Therapeutic Touch Practitioners are eligible to apply for recognition as Practitioner Mentors upon demonstration of mentoring competency. The study, practice, and reflection of one’s practice of Therapeutic Touch are essential aspects of criteria for credentialing through recognition. There are multiple avenues by which recognition may be achieved.

Therefore, the TTIA Board adopts the following credentialing processes:

* Qualified Therapeutic Touch Practitioners (QTTP)
* Qualified Therapeutic Touch Teacher (QTTT) – includes recognition as TT Pracitioner and TT Mentor

In addition, the Board commits to engage in continuing environmental assessments to identify opportunities to recognize members who demonstrate excellence in practicing, teaching, and mentoring.

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