• Does Therapeutic Touch still work if I can’t feel anything?
    • Yes, TT will still work. When you have an ultrasound treatment, which heals soft tissue, you generally can’t feel it. Bioelectric circuits are now being used to shrink tumors – and you can’t feel it working. When you take a pill you don’t always feel the effects immediately. TT is like that. It may take time to work – even after your session ends.

  • Do I have to “believe” in Therapeutic Touch for it to work?
    • It helps if you remain open to the possibilities, and keep an open attitude about healing yourself. TT has been used on premature infants, and has been shown to have an effect on the pace at which weight gain is achieved – and the preemies don’t “believe” in it! Patients in comas have been treated with TT, and when they have emerged from the coma, have known the names of the TT practitioners.

  • Can it look like different practitioners are doing different techniques?
    • The TT practitioners all have individual styles, but they are following certain prescribed steps, as developed by Dolores Krieger, Ph.D., R.N., and the late Dora Kunz. These steps include centering themselves, performing an assessment of the energy field, rebalancing the energy field, reassessing the field, and grounding you and allowing you time to rest. The rebalancing portion is where these individual styles may show. Some practitioners work on the back and then the front, some work from the side. Some work with open palms, others with their palms cupped. These are simply different techniques for helping the process of self-healing to occur.

  • Isn’t Therapeutic Touch just a placebo response?
    • Research has shown that there may be a placebo response as there is for many therapies, including traditional ones. Tests with double blind controls have also shown results beyond the placebo response. There have been approximately 40 doctoral dissertations done on TT, along with many research studies since 1972. Our hope is that with continuing research into TT there will be even more positive results.