Satellite Chapters

Satellite Chapters

Northwest Therapeutic Touch Institute

A Satellite Chapter of TTIA

NWTTI was founded in 1998 by Neila Campbell, Bev Forster and Cordy Anderson and when Neila passed in 2002 Lin Bauer became the third Board Member. Bev, Lin and Cordy all are QTTTs.

The decision to create a non-profit institute had long been a dream of Neila’s, and was finally realized in 1998 with the help of generous donations from two supporters of Therapeutic Touch®. The Institute sponsors workshops annually, as well as several One Day Intensives. Members of NWTTI receive discounts on workshops and intensives and receive fall, winter and spring newsletters. NWTTI also offers scholarships for TT related events such as TT Workshops at Camp Indralaya.

Our mission is to continue to enhance and support the practice and study of Therapeutic Touch®, and to work towards providing Therapeutic Touch® to those who request it. Our website is

Contact NWTTI 
email: [email protected]

NWTTI Practicum

Ohio Heart of Healing, Inc. Touching Lives Holistically℠

A Satellite Chapter of TTIA

The Ohio Heart of Healing (OHOH) organization is a not for profit organization based in central Ohio. OHOH is a satellite chapter of Therapeutic Touch® International Association (TTIA), Inc.. 

Our vision: Actualizing healthcare transformations toward conscious living and dying.

Our purpose: To provide education, consultation and research that supports the practice of compassionate care of self and other.

Our mission: To advance the knowledge and understanding of Therapeutic Touch® (TT) in the midwest region and to provide quality education in integrative therapies for health care practitioners. 

Our goals are:

  • To promote the excellence of the practice of Therapeutic Touch® (TT) in the midwest region.
  • To provide an informational link for the clinical practice and education of Therapeutic Touch® and integrative therapies.
  • To encourage and support research on holistic healing.
  • To provide healing retreats for caregivers.


For information contact: [email protected]<mailto:[email protected]

Healer’s Retreats are held each April and October at Shepherd’s Corner Farm and Ecology Center, Blacklick, OH. This special day is for you to nourish you! We will share ceremony, time together, telling stories, basking in quiet activities, connecting with nature as we meander and gaze upon beauty, and walking the sacred labyrinth.

TTEC, Inc. Satellite Chapter of TTIA

PO Box 851 Middlebury, VT 05753

[email protected] <mailto:[email protected]

Therapeutic Touch East Coast, Inc. is a Satellite Chapter of TTIA that was organized in 2013 by Sue Conlin and a group of enthusiastic Easterners, and has flourished since. In 2020 we number 75-80 members living from Maine to Florida, and from the Atlantic to farther west (Alabama and even north to Ontario

Current Board Members:

President: Holly Major, CT

Vice President: Linda Gurick. NJ

Secretary: Dedra Rothbort, ME

Treasurer: Mike Appicelli CT

Membership: Elaine Wilk, NH

Programs: Mary Anne Zanotta VT & SC 

Member-at-large: Rhonda Selvin, ME

Newsletter Editor: Karen Kinman – TX & FL

An e-newsletter is sent about every six weeks to keep members up to date and includes any dates for retreats, member questions or experiences with Therapeutic Touch, meditations or short inspirational pieces, and an introduction of any new members. Karen Kinman, is our newsletter editor. We encourage members to meet both with formal 1-3 day retreats (organized with Catherine’s expert skills), as well as more informal day-long gatherings. We have had several of these, mostly in the Northeast area. We hope to branch out further South soon however. It has been a great way to connect more frequently at a more local level. Come join us! 

Contact Elaine Wilk at <mailto:[email protected][email protected]



Satellite chapter: Therapeutic Touch Professional Associates

PO Box 3114, Renton WA 98056-0007


Contact: [email protected]

Coordinator: Sharon Hunter, RN (ret.), BSN, QTTP

Asst. Coordinator: Beverly Clark, RN, 

Treasurer: Barnali Basu, 

Member at Large (Clinical): Jennifer Wiegand, C-MLDT, QTTT

(Distance TT Healing Com. Chairperson)

Member at Large (Research): Suzanne Engelberg, PhD (completing a term) 
(Contact Person for new Foundations of Therapeutic Touch Class participants), 

Keeping in Touch Newsletter Editor, Leonie Van Gelder, LMT, QTTP, 

NEW Sustaining Committee Members Elected to start May 31, 2020:

1. Coordinator: Beverly Clark, RN 
2. Member at Large (Research): Suzanne Engelberg, PhD
(Contact Person for new Foundations of Therapeutic Touch Class participants)

Appointed to fulfill a Sustaining Committee term as: Keeping in Touch Newsletter Editor: 

Cindy Cole, BA, QTTT, 

Volunteer Facebook and Instagram Manager: Jennifer Wiegand, C-MLDT, QTTT

We were excited to have 7 of our members attend the 5th Annual TTIA Congress in Toronto. What a marvelous event! It was fulfilling up to the eyebrows! Wonderful to meet and get to know so many people from far-away places who are doing TT, and see so many friends unseen for a while!

We had a very successful year of providing an 8 person Foundations of TT class in Oct with Cindy Cole and Leonie Van Gelder, a 11 student “TT Support of People with Cancer” class in Nov. with Lin Bauer, and an 8 person Transpersonal Nature of TT Class in early Feb. with Kathy Wilmering and Jane Cornman.

Our general meetings were well attended with presentations including in Sept. “How Barnali Basu started her journey of healing herself from several illnesses through natural means.” Nov. a written account of Suzanne Engelberg’s first TTIA Congress, read by Arlene Poulsen; Feb. Jane Cornman, “TT and Resilience. Then Cindy Cole presented “TT Montana Dialogues” in April via Zoom. Our program, “Therapeutic Touch, Natural Disasters, and Trauma” for the Annual Mtg was cancelled due to the COVID-19 virus,

We are planning how to proceed and fulfill our mission under the restraints of COVID-19. Many exciting possibilities are being considered. 


Sharon Hunter, Coordinator



This is our new Sustaining Committee starting May 31, 2020. L to R: Sharon, Beverly, Jennifer, Cindy, Suzanne, and Barnali.



At one of our TTPA retreats: