Dear Healing Community,

Can you please send Healing to my beloved Father – CC – who lives in Cambridgeshire. He is a very proud man and has been going through 6 weeks of radiotherapy and 4 weeks of tablet chemotherapy to reduce a pancreatic tumour. This is a recurrence of pancreatic cancer – but the first time it was taken away by a massive operation called Whipples Procedure (6 yrs ago). This time we’ve been told they cannot operate – so we are placing our faith in the radiotherapy/chemo and healing. He is in constant pain around his abdomen, due to the tumour and also due to the radiotherapy itself. We have today been told he has  a build up of fluid around the tumour (where it presses onto the wall of the bowel). He has had these painful symptoms since radiotherapy started (this treatment stopped at the end of Sept 2016 and the scan will be done mid-December). He has lost a lot of weight since symptoms started for the fluid build-up as he is not able to eat properly. Please help cure him of the cancer. God Bless You. Thank you. TC.