I am writing to request distance healing for my dad, Leon King. He was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s like dementia approx. 3 years ago. In June of this year (2016), he fell in his home and spent a total of two months in two different hospitals and a nursing/rehab facility.

After about 3 weeks in the hospital we noticed his cognitive function had declined significantly and it has continued to decline since he returned home in late August. Prior to the fall he was able to walk, and feed and dress himself with some assistance. Since the fall and returning home, he’s no longer able to do these things. We’ve been told the reason isn’t physical, but mental–he doesn’t fully remember how to feed himself and walk. He also now struggles to remember how to even form words.

The physical therapists and occupational therapists sent to work with him at home have been unable to make any progress because he is not able to understand or follow their instructions. Because of this, medicare rules require that stop providing services. For the past month, we’ve not been able to get him to eat consistently–some days he refuses and other days it seems he can’t quite figure out how to swallow–hence he has dropped nearly 30 lbs.

In addition to that during his stay at the rehab/nursing facility, he developed an ulcer on his left foot that is about 3 inches in diameter and slow healing. We have been treating it with an enzymatic cream prescribed by his doctor, but it cause him quite a lot of pain. Yesterday as our hired caregiver was trying to bathe my dad after the nurse had treated and re-wrapped the wound, she couldn’t because he kept hitting at her and yelling “it hurts.”

Thank you so much for your help.

Donna King