We ask each member to commit to a daily practice of connecting with your Inner Self and from there sending a collective intention of support for TT flourishing in the world.

Our 3rd International Congress was held April 17-19, 2015 in Seattle, WA, and it was truly International. We had people from 20 states in the USA, 7 countries, and 5 continents! . We featured Keynote speakers Dr. Dolores Krieger, co-founder of Therapeutic Touch® speaking on Future Shaping The Dialogue, Dr. Gladys McGarey, the Mother of Holistic Medicine and her sister, Margaret Courtwright, RN, who served as a mission nurse in India and parish nurse in the United States, Dr. Susan Wager author of A Doctors Guide To Therapeutic Touch  and Stephan Schwartz, research associate for cognitive laboratories presenting on intentionality. They are all urging us to move forward and spread the word about Therapeutic Touch!

 TTDialogues meets again in Montana
Every August for the past 5 years, a group of dedicated Therapeutic Touch® therapists and teachers have been meeting with our Co-Founder Dee Krieger for a week of Dialogue and Reflection on the practice of TT. From this we are creating a Theory of Healing. During the week Dee and Mary Anne Hanley kick start the group with conversations and stories of their TT journey, and then the rest of the group adds their own voices. (All of this is being recorded by a great group of AV experts who are also Therapeutic Touch practitioners). In the afternoons, Dr. Pat Cole and Sandy Matheny lead us in some Inner Self work – what they affectionately call the Laboratory of the Self. Of course from that work comes more discoveries of our own journey. The group has divided into smaller groups and begun the work of writing the theory. Each group also meets over the winter, and returns to Montana with more progress made. It is a week of self-discovery and total immersion in Therapeutic Touch, Of course – being right near Glacier National Park doesn’t hurt! Those afternoon hikes can also be times of wonderment.

The Voting for our Board of Trustees is closed. We are happy to announce that we had two firsts with this election – we had two candidates for Membership Trustee, and we had the most people voting ever! Denise Coppa is our new Membership Trustee, winning by only 6 votes. Thanks to Tama Recker for being our interim membership trustee, and for continuing her dedication to TT and to TTIA.

REMINDER – If you are a QTTT you have access to the new teaching guidelines that we are following in all our classes. So whether you are teaching at a facility, on your own, at one of the camps, we would love it if you would click here to access the guidelines, print them out, and follow them in your classes. That way, when your students are ready to become Qualified Practitioners themselves, they will know the most current material. Thanks!   

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