RE request 9/11/2022 for J and A

Thank you for healing prayer and intention for my friends who lost their son. A. has recovered from pneumonia, had GI surgery, and is able to function independently at home. J. is managing his days…I don’t know how to express. How does one manage after loss of a...


I have asked for help for prematurely born BABY NORAH. She is home with oxygen. She has GI issues, but despite that, she thrives and is responding to her parents and is a beautiful smiling baby girl. My daughter’s platelet count has risen from 35,000 to over 65,000. I...


I am helping my mom do MAID and it’s really hard for me. Could you send me some holding healing energy? Thank you so much

Possible Melanoma

This request is for my mother. I can provide her address for scheduling. Thank you.

Tremors = terror?

I have had tremor in my right leg for over two years, and now it has spread to my right hand too. I think I am terrified that I will never have human touch again after so much isolation. I have been diagnosed with Parkinson’s and am only 57.