Newly diagnosed MS

Healing requested for healthcare professional in New England, USA newly diagnosed with MS. Awaiting an appointment scheduled in a couple months. Requesting her anxiety may be decreased and that she will be covered by those who support her through this hardship.

healing prayer

Healing prayers for my lower back. Thank you Namaste’


My 80 year old sister is having a hard year. she’s had 5 spinal compression fractures, 5 ligament tears in her hip, fell and broke her wrist. Her lymphedema has flared and she can’t reach to treat her leg, she lives alone. It hurts and itches, leaving her...

lower back

Issue: Pain in lower back Thank you if anyone can send TT for this. Sincerely, Sara

Help heal mom

My mom has been having difficulty with the nerves in her leg. Would love some healing energy. Thank you

Therapeutic touch.

I have depression. The depression has robbed me of a life. I do not respond to anti depressants. I am also overweight and can’t get the motivation I need to lose weight. I would like to lose the weight to avoid health problems.