Please Help

I am ill and struggling and would like to receive a distant therapeutic touch treatment. Thank you, Anitra


To anyone who responded to my request for healing of my left foot, Thank you so much! I woke up this morning after 2 years of pain in this foot, (and not being able to exercise, resulting in unwanted weight gain), and my foot did not hurt! I went for a walk which I...

Physical and mental chronic health issues

Please send healing to my mother who suffers from mental health issues, degenerative bones disease, osteoporosis, hip degneration and blood circulation problems in her legs. My hope is that she can receive enough relief to live life in less pain and mental clarity. In...


Please send healing for my left foot. The 5th metatarsal is constantly rubbing on my shoe which makes it hard to walk because of pain. With my deepest gratitude, Shannon Bloomfield in Florence Oregon

Please send healing

Please send healing for my chronic problems: low immunity, stress, overall pain, fatigue.  Thank you


I request healing for my whole body. I suffer from diabetes, kidney failure, heart and brain problems. Thanks so much