Therapeutic Touch Stories

Imagine how wonderful it would be to have your story here too. Here we have our First Anthology of Therapeutic Touch stories which were created for TTIA 2022 Congress. We are continuing this TT Circle of Love from May. Please see this guiding template to share your story, and submit with an audio MP3 or MP4 to [email protected]

Please click here to see this very special ebook. Some of the authors have provided an audio recording. Please enjoy as you hear the sharing of their TT stories in their own voices below.

Ann Porto – TT journey of a Lifetime Page 4

Annie Hallett – How can I put what TT has meant for me – in 350 words? Page 5

Cheryl Larden – Therapeutic Touch Has Become A Life Way Page 10

Elaine Wilk – My Introduction to TT Page 14

Evy Cugelman – My First Experience Receiving Distance Healing Page 15

Joseph Rehim – TT at Confederation Seniors’ Centre of the City of Burnaby and Gyan Nath, a friend at

Willingdon Care Centre – 2011 Page 19

Julie Waters-Barcomb – Forget about massage! I want to learn this stuff!” Page 20

Karen Deschamps – Therapeutic Touch Calms a Tortured Woman Page 21

Luisa Porrata – A Mother’s Last Gift Page 22

Marge Nykaza – TT – A Singer’s Call to Heal Page 23

Mary Simpson – Memories of Therapeutic Touch at Pumpkin Hollow Page 28

Paula Neilson – The Wonders of Distance TT Page 32

Sue Conlin – How we romanticize the Past Page 38